Monday, September 9, 2019

Quality assurance Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Quality assurance - Assignment Example In the leadership, this serves as the head to a functioning body. The head houses the brain that guides the body’s processes through the brain. This is the same as the company in which its functions are all linked by the leadership or head office. Without this, there is a high chance of chaos and as such products being produced will be substandard. Sub-Standard material doesn’t attract customers and the lower the number the customers, the lower the profit made. Leadership and customers and production quality are all connected, and thus leaders should be carefully chosen (Bounds, 2004; 45). While a company should be able to produce good material remember well is the enemy of great. In order to get to a great one should be able to improve one’s good level and make it better by the day. The customer as well as the leadership will be able to note this in terms of the output. The production in the end is not the only way improvement will be noted. The workers too will be able to note the improvement of the company in terms of the environment. This attracts more customers to the organization, hence profiting the company. In management, there are various roles that ensure a company goes in the right direction. The position limits of the workers make sure that the workers do not interfere in the others work. How does this make effective quality assurance possible? It enables specialization, and specialization produces better products when each producer in a line of production processes makes sure their process is fully mastered and understood (Hakes, 2011; 34). This brings the end product as a high-quality product that a customer is happy to use. This ultimately brings the customer back and thus the act of loyal customers who are satisfied from the work done. The other role is that the role of team-play comes in the picture, and this enables the group to work cohesively. This action of team-play allows for contribution of effective quality

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