Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Leadership and Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Leadership and Management - Essay Example Let us discuss both concepts in detail in order clarify that leadership and management have no clear differences. Leadership refers to the act of guiding people towards the achievement of goals and objectives. Leaders within organizations are people who encourage followers to utilize their full potential and get new opportunities to learn (Cherry, 2010). Leaders view the need for change as an opportunity for individuals to grow in their professional lives and increase their levels of productivity (Elkington, 2010). Leaders motivate people to put all of their efforts to achieve their goals. The goals can be personal, social, political, or organizational depending upon the circumstances. The role of leaders in the whole process of achievement of goals is to identify the need of the followers, making them aware of the need to fulfill those needs, giving followers a well-designed and effective strategy to follow to achieve those goals, and motivating people to continue their efforts in case of any problem. Leaders are the people whom their followers believe. Followers have full confidence in the ac ts and thoughts of their leaders and they do exactly what their leaders ask them to do in the process of achieving goals and objectives. On the other hand, managers manage the activities of their employees. They do so to achieve organizational goals without any delay and in an effective manner. As Simmons (2012) states, â€Å"managers always realize that effectiveness is the real goal, and efficiency is necessary but not sufficient for sustaining a healthy organization†. Managers guide their employees whenever they feel some difficulty in their assigned job tasks, plan activities, do proper scheduling of tasks, organize the activities of employees, lead and motivate them, control all issues related to workplace so that no delay occurs in the achievement of goals. Management generally deals with doing things

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