Thursday, September 26, 2019

Film assignment Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Film assignment - Movie Review Example All the couples find their means and the logistics of getting to the mountains. As the movie depicts each couple’s journey, the audience realizes that all the couples are having rough patches in their marriage. This justifies the purpose intended for the retreat. On arrival in the house, activities of the week were expected to be spontaneous since they did not have a stringent schedule. Mike, Sheila’s husband preferred to take along Trina to the retreat, although she was single. Mike and Trina took a flight while Sheila faces the compulsion of driving to the mountains and faced a serious snow storm, a factor that made her arrive the following morning. On the night she was away, her husband cheated with the single lady he had brought along (Telsch n.p). The first morning in the mountains was marked by serious arguments by all the couples. In the days that follow, serious revelations are made about each couple a factor that makes them plan their journey back. However, Sheila and Mike chose to divorce because of the infidelity while the other couples leave the mountains for home. The rest of the movie depicts the actions taken by the three remaining couples to reconcile at a point whereby they were tempted to separate. In the end, the three couples reconcile while Mike and Sheila remain separated. Sheila moves on with Troy, whom she met on her journey to the mountains (Telsch n.p). The four couples face a dilemma of either separating from their partners or making the efforts to save their marriages. Some of the characters are struggling with infidelity or the loss of interest in their partners while others have focused on careers forgetting their marriage. Through the four couples, the audiences identify different causes of tensions in their marriages (Telsch n.p). Who were the most significant characters in the movie?

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