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Key learning point Essay

Power refers to the extent to which one can satisfy their target goals, needs or desires. Power can be used either to dominate or control the other, or can be used to work together with the other party involved. Whichever way power is used it gives one an edge over the other party in negotiations. Information provides an important source and a means of acquiring power. Reason for Selection: Informational power comes from a person’s ability to assemble data to support his positions, arguments, or desired outcomes. This resource provides an important tool in challenging the other party’s position, or undermine their arguments or propositions during negotiations. Application to a business or personal situation: A year ago, I was talking to a doctor who was new at one of the centers I am marketing my pharmaceutical products. The doctor openly rubbished my product saying he had absolutely no scope for it in his medical practice basing his argument on the position of a respected doctor in the area of medicine in which my product is applied. What this doctor did not know is that from my market survey on my product and competitor brands momentum in the market, the doctor he claimed was the top prescriber of my product in that town . I provided the evidence and within a month I received a call from my manager that the doctor had placed an LPO for my product. Action or steps taken to improve: I read widely and extensively on new trends in my area of work; undertake market survey on different issues; seek the opinion of experts; attend seminars and conferences on various topics; and in general try to keep an open mind, maintain my curiosity about life and watch informative programs. References Squidoo (2010). A goldmine of journal Writing Prompts. Retrieved on 30th July, 2010, from http://www. squidoo. com/journalwritingprompts

Hotel Hilton

The Hilton Worldwide Performance Advantage is an integrated system of innovative solutions and advanced technologies that work together to drive increased business and keep costs down, without comprising quality. Together, these seven services provide access to the latest tools, technologies, forward-thinking strategies, and the most influential people in the industry to create an unrivaled competitive advantage. Hilton Performance Advantage Benefits The Hilton Performance Advantage combines the power of scale, access, reputation, and innovation—delivered by the world’s premier hospitality company.Our system provides powerful resources across our portfolio of brands, delivering leading edge solutions to consistently drive profits and efficiencies. This solution creates a higher share of wallet, guest loyalty, and leading innovation making it easier for on-site personnel to focus on delivering a superior guest experience. Hilton Performance Advantage Services Hilton HHon orsâ„ ¢ Hilton HHonors is the award-winning guest-loyalty program for Hilton Worldwide’s ten distinct hotel brands, honoring its 27 million members by allowing them to turn points into experiences worth sharing.Learn more Hilton Worldwide Sales (HWS) A team of professionals are ready to help you build influential customer relationships and meet the demands of today’s Corporate, Group, and Leisure travelers. Hilton Reservations & Customer Care (HRCC) Experienced team members provide 24-hour, multi-language global coverage in an effort to support and deliver business to your property. Global Online Services Reach travelers at every opportunity with the latest mobile, search, and online channels that place your property at their fingertips.Revenue Management Consolidated Center (RMCC) Revenue Management supports you in maximizing market share through price optimization, inventory & channel management. Information Technology (IT) Technology is the foundation of the Hilt on Performance Advantage, offering both you and your guests access to technology solutions such as reservations, Internet access, and entertainment. Hilton Supply Management (HSM) Our seasoned team secures you the best pricing, highest quality, and fastest delivery of the products and services your Hilton property needs.

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British Aerospace Company

To document operational impact based on currently implemented strategies and show potential effects if continued based on forecasted data results by a financial model. Parties Parties Involves BAE Systems Board of Directors and the Business Consultant (Student’s Name). Methods and Processes A review of the company’s background information that has led to the strategy proposal and presentation of forecasted financial data by the use of financial models. Outputs/Deliverables BAE Systems will have a clear understanding of its current financial position and may reconsider the consultant’s recommended approach on strategy.Time Frame The final report shall be submitted to BAE Systems Board of Directors by May 9 2019. Cost Estimate Still negotiable based on the approval and implementation of the proposed strategy. 2) Executive summary The aim for this report is to study the strategies implemented by BAE Systems during the last accounting year. BAE Systems with its 106,0 00 employees worldwide delivers a full range of products and services for air, land and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, security, Information technology solutions and customer support services (BAE Systems 2010).With the application of the company’s annual report for 2009 this study will analyse by comparing its strategies to a newly proposed one by showing financial projections using valuation models. 3) Proposition of a new strategy for BAE Systems The Aerospace and Global Defence industry can be considered an extremely cyclical. As seen on annual reports of the companies belonging to this industry year to year revenue figures can fluctuate dramatically (Brylawski 1995).And currently this industry have also its share of intense competition, challenges on meeting government regulations and securing large defence contracts. Currently, BAE systems is the largest aerospace and global defence contractors in the world (West 2010). Operating as a group in seven home markets with a wide portfolio of products and capabilities serving defence customers across the air, land and sea domains (BAE Systems 2010:5). But based on its Annual report on the previous fiscal year, it posted a net loss of ?45 million (see Appendix 2 : Group Income Statement), despite the annual revenue of ? 22. 4 billion and the underlying operating income of ? 982 million. The loss was mainly due to regulation penalties incurred during that fiscal year. This report is to provide a strategy that would ensure profitability on years to come given the volatility of the industry of BAE systems and the effects of inflation (which rose from 2. 9% to 3. 5% in 2009). Strategy taking into account methods to raise revenue, cost reduction and effective corporate governance would be recommended. 3.1 General competitive position of BAE Systems On the group current strategy based on its vision in which to be the premier global defence, security and aerospace company; and mission to remain to deliver sustainable growth in shareholder value through a commitment to Total Performance (BAE Systems 2010:14). The current focus of strategy is positioning to optimise progress the business in the current environment, the Group Strategic Framework continues to develop to recognise against the strategic objectives, and to highlight the Group’s focus on delivery and performance (BAE Systems 2010:14).This strategy has worked effectively during all the acquisitions and disposals transacted from the year 200 to 2009. For the group/department of BAE systems the Electronics, Intelligence & Support, the acquisition on the year 2000 of two former Lockheed Martin businesses, Control Systems and Aerospace Electronics Systems, have made BAE and the group the world leader in digital engine controls, flight controls and electronic warfare solutions.For the Land & Armaments group, another key strategy of acquisition that has established a global land systems business was implemented on years 2004, 2005 and 2007, when the company acquired Alvis, United Defense and Armor Holdings respectively. For the Programmes & Support Division, another key acquisition that has provided access to government security business was done in 2008, when the company have finally acquired Detica and together with the acquisition of VT Group’s shipbuilding business has further strengthened the Group’s global maritime business (BAE Systems 2010:16).And lastly for the international sector BAE as a group has become Australia’s largest defence contractor primarily due to the acquisition of Tenix Defence in 2008 (Smith & Frost 2008). According to the firms most current Annual report total sales revenue is at ? 22. 4 billion (see Table 1) an increase of 21% from 2008 numbers, operating income at ? 982 million (see Appendix 2: Group Income Statement), total assets listed at ? 25. 4 billion and total equity at ? 4. 7 billion (2009).Table 1 show the percentage of Sales genera ted by each group under the BAE Systems in 2009 Source extracted from the Annual Report 2009. Using the Porter’s five forces analysis, we can derive a strategy outlining the major forces in Aerospace & Global Defence Industry. Bargaining Power of Suppliers BAE Systems has a wide range of suppliers for both large and small companies, thus if decided to switch; costs is not an issue, as long it can find a better supplier that can match technological capability to customer requirements.Currently BAE systems apply SBAC 21st Century Supply Chain Programme – SC21 tools and techniques for operational performance management and the tiered approach to supplier management (BAE Systems 2010). There are some areas of production for BAE like the creation of fighter aircrafts in which its supplier’s are usually concentrated and has strong labor unions, but again due to diversity of the overall business operations of BAE the assessment of this supplier power can be considered at medium risk.Threat of Substitutes BAE systems is aware of its competitors’ ability to provide other substitute weaponry to its customers, but not every competitor can offer in-house equipment and production quality that BAE can actually deliver. The threat of substitute can be considered medium, because there is still the existence of low priced but relatively competitive arms and weapons companies in the aerospace industry. Bargaining Power of BuyersThe power of buyers describes the effect that the firm’s customers have on the profitability of BAE overall. Even though based in the UK, BAE’s main buyers are in the US. BAE’s US subsidiary alone has accounted for 58. 5% of total group sales (West 2010). The US Government in defence is by large have a lot of economic power and because of this the buyer’s power can be considered high due to the challenge of capturing a high proportion of the value created is reduced.BAE’s large buyers have si gnificant leverage to negotiate lower prices because of the threat of losing a buyer that accounts for more than a half of total sales revenue, BAE is on a weak position. Threat of New Entrants The threat of new entrants for BAE can be considered low, due to the Aerospace and defence large capital requirements, customer’s brand loyalty, government regulations, economies of scale unique products and BAE’s wide range access to inputs for continuous production.If a new firm decides to enter the market, in order to just compete with the wide range of products and services being currently available for BAE, the former needs to undertake a massive an expensive campaign for marketing just to introduce their products, and the challenge is also the effectively of this marketing campaign since BAE systems have already established a strong brand identity in arms industry.BAE has also the advantage of an advanced production system with key access to inputs, which a new firm may be overwhelmed to know that in order to be at par with the existing firms it has to have an outstanding production system with access to key inputs as well. Rivalry among Existing Competitors Among the other forces of this critical framework, the rivalry among BAE’s competitors is quite high. Major competitors globally by BAE are EADS from France, Raytheon from the US, Lockheed Martin and Boeing also from the US, and from the UK Rolls-Royce.Majority of these companies have posted significant high sales revenue for the fiscal year period of 2009, and they also continue to consolidate to remain competitive. Becoming the market leader has been the main goal of all players in the Aerospace and Global defence industry, and with government budget cuts (Wachman 2010), especially in the US, competition on securing large contracts have never been intense. Overall cost of production is significantly high in this field, firms may tend to overproduce and reduce prices to sell more.3. 2 Str ategy recommendation BAE needs to be aware of its Book value and its total earnings, especially on depreciating assets. The strategy recommended, is to continue to acquire financially stable companies to add key improvements to the group, this is just one way to reflect a high closing book value, and dispose or sell, non performing divisions of the group. The BAE group should create a plan to maximize shareholder’s value by buying back their market shares by allocating an appropriate portion of their capital.And due to lack of future contracts, they may opt to cut a portion of their work force just to drive down costs and focus the need to drive efficiencies across the business and the continued development of four global initiatives Land, Security, Readiness & Sustainment and Unmanned Aircraft Systems. 3. 3 Financial forecast To be able to compare and contrast the current and the proposed strategy, financial projection will be employed, to outline key differences and possibl e improvements for the Board of Directors for BAE System, and base their decision on its results. 3. 3. 1 Financial forecast based on current strategyUsing the residual Income and Dividend Valuation Models, we can forecast the 5 year financial projections based on the current strategy, all of the necessary inputs are available in the Balance Sheet of BAE systems (see Appendix 3) except for the Ke (Cost of Equity) in which we will compute as follows. Ke = 17. 6p (projected dividends next year with 10% value projection) + 0. 10 330. 30 GBX ( source: current FT Market data) Ke (Cost of Equity) = is valued at . 15 or 15%. Now we can compute for BAE Systems residual income using data we already have. On Table 3 we can see each individual outputs in millions of ?.

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Lecture Summaries #5 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Lecture Summaries #5 - Coursework Example However, upon assuming his position as the president, Franklin Roosevelt’s determination to make effective changes to the economy led him into developing a program identified as the New Deal. This program was a representation of the culmination of long-term trends towards abandoning the â€Å"laissez-faire† capitalism to regulating the railroads, as well as the introduction of a number of reform legislations. The main aim of the program was to rid the nation from the financial illness that was paralyzing it. Some of the changes realized after the introduction of the New Deal are inclusive of the adoption of a program advocating for cooperation between the government and private businesses. On the other hand, President Roosevelt established a central economic planning in order to rescue capitalism as well as guarantee that the government was democratically representative. He used funds from the government to uplift the economy (America in the 20th Century, 10). Conversely, the New Deal utilized government policies for the redistribution of wealth from the wealthy individuals in the country, to the individuals in need. One of the causes leading to the economic crisis during the great depression was the heavy loans the banks gave to investors for stock purchases. The second New deal led to the introduction of social reform programs that would strengthen the commitment of the nation to create jobs and provide security against unemployment, illnesses and old age. The articles on the Second World War provide a revelation of some of the factors that led to its commencement as well as the way Americans responded to the war. Some of the factors leading to the commencement of the war include the fact that there were a number of unresolved issues from the First World War, outbursts from the worldwide economic depression and the stock crash in the year 1929, and American isolationism among other factors. One of the causes leading to

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Economic issue Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Economic issue - Assignment Example This is counterproductive to the developing nations whicgh are increasingly implementing free and voluntary education and healthcare provision. This has led to civil unrest due to increasing unemployment and pay cut in an effort to restore IMF’s proposed economic targets. The interest paid back by the borrowers to IMF translates to increased taxation against constant wage rate leading to higher and unaffordable living standard. This forces the citizens to go on strike for increades wages and lower commodity prices. 3. a) There is no European Monetary Union without fiscal union. The micro-economic imbalance in Euro cannot be managed without fiscal union. It is will make the union stable satisfactory finances. The European Monetary Union makes the union greater. Fiscal union is a major move to create great political union. The federal bodies will be administered and a central tax would become a great idea in Europe. With fiscal union the European union will have a united stand, to stop Europe’s decline in global market, an economic union must be formed. This will result to fiscal union that will otherwise raise the Europe

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Thomas Struths Expedition reveal about Photography Essay

Thomas Struths Expedition reveal about Photography - Essay Example The essay "Thomas Struth’s Expedition reveal about Photography" talks about Expedition about Photography by Thomas Struth. The artist presents in a landscape format or as portraits to highlight different themes as thought out most of these photographs. The photography according to Thomas Struth attempts to answer questions about self as seen by the audience. It is worth noting that the photography by Thomas Struth is mainly landscapes that are shown in different compositions, color and detail. However, an important part of the photography that has been exercised by the contemporary photographers is the use of portraits that also form a big part of photography collections found in galleries. Additionally, the photography by Thomas Struth is sincerely portrayed in that the artist attempts to bring out true life situations that make the audience trust the message in the portraits. The portraits are brought out in a natural way that brings about the true relationship between form and content, which makes it possible to identify with the photographer. Once a person comes into contact with the portraits captured by Thomas Struth, for instance the Giles Robertson, Edinburgh 1987, there is a communication bond that is created between the audience and the photograph, whereby the audience would be asking itself what the photograph represents in a continuous dialogue. This shows that the images in the portraits actively show that Thomas Struth prioritizes the perception of his audience.

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Reflection paper for a dance class (2 pages) about a movie dance take Essay

Reflection paper for a dance class (2 pages) about a movie dance take the land - Essay Example The story is all about believing, about deciding to make a difference, and about creating a sense of creativeness. It is about struggling against indifferences and giving rise to recognition of innate talents and capabilities. Pierre confronted the criticisms of the school director, the students, and their parents, but he had decided to make a difference, which he did. The story teaches us the importance of determination, commitment and perseverance. We come to know that we can achieve anything in life if we have strong will power and confidence to bring a change. Pierre speaks of his determination in this dialogue with Rock- the boy who vandalized his school director’s car: Another precious lesson I have learned from the movie is that students tend to develop a feeling of trust with teachers when the latter provide them with a healthy atmosphere. Pierre faced sheer conflict with his students initially, like when he said, â€Å"What if I said these dances would make you look cool?† To this Rock said, â€Å"Id say youre full of shit.† But finally, the same students got to love him. A trust worthy relationship between the teacher and his students leads to better performance outcomes. The teacher-student relationship is as important as the relationship between the parents and their kids. Teachers are spiritual parents, and it is their obligation to provide the students with all the trust they need to grow up into happy and healthy citizens. This trusting relationship helps the students to cross the barrier and be friends with their teachers. For example: This dialogue shows how Pierre tried to bring out self-confidence in his students through interacting with them one-on-one. This is how the movie cultivates new insights to the profession of teaching- that is, interacting with the students one-on-one to bring out the

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Bilingual Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Bilingual Education - Essay Example Learning a second language was crucial due to the need to grow my social network and interact with people from different cultures. It was quite embarrassing to study overseas and require someone to always translate what other people were saying and I had to take the initiative of undertaking bilingual education. According to Krashen, there are two ways of getting to know the second language – by acquisition and by learning. I had to go through the two processes, acquiring the language skills by interacting with natives and by taking up classes to grow my vocabulary knowledge (Krashen, 1992). Similar to Krashen’s view, it is difficult to monitor the language in which one communicates in. Writing it down makes it easier to analyze. When one speaks, they tend to modify the rules of the language, and at times are grammatically wrong and this can only be noticed in a written composition. This was seen in the way I would pass written language examinations and still find it difficult to communicate fluently by word of mouth. Krashen’s input hypothesis takes note of the importance of exposure and explains the fact that one acquires a language by being exposed to comprehensible input of it, be it written or spoken. This view can be supported by the fact that one tends to learn a language by living with people who speak it correctly and the learner requires no effort from their side, just the exposure. If the language as used by its speakers is not rendered in a logical and understandable manner, the learner will have a hard time acquiring it (Krashen,1992). Before embarking on bilingual education, one has to start by being ready to learn, being motivated and believing that they can learn the language and use it like its native speakers. Similarly, Krashen brings out the affective filter hypothesis which looks at acquiring a language through comprehensible input, which must reach the brain without undergoing

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Tea market segmetation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Tea market segmetation - Research Paper Example Tea bags and loose leafs will be packaged in paper and aluminium boxes in 50gm and 100 gm packaging. Cold ready mix teas will be packaged in soft pouch and also aluminium cans. The printing on packaging will not inform customers about the brand and its values but also provide history of herbal and specialized teas and their benefits according to the type of tea. The front of packaging will have soft images of herbal and specialized teas stored in it. The logo of the brand will comprise of a leaf image in green colour with colourful vibrant background. d. Place The company aims to adopt a step wise approach to the market where distribution network will be used to distribute different types of herbal and specialized teas to wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, hotels, and coffee shops. Wholesalers in particular will be engaged to make distribution to large retail stores such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda, etc. The distribution intensity of the new brand and its products is dep endent upon various factors including the size of the target market segment, pricing of the company and funds to be allocated for the promotion of the brand. Initially, the new brand will use selective distribution to sell its products to wholesalers and retail outlets and coffee shops in London Area. The reason for choosing this approach is due to the company’s unique selling proposition which needs to be tested out in one major region of UK tea market. Once the company gain experiences from this market then it will engage in intensive distribution throughout UK. e.Price There are various pricing strategies that may be considered when introducing a new brand in the market. Based on the characteristics of the UK tea market it... The distribution intensity of the new brand and its products is dependent upon various factors including the size of the target market segment, pricing of the company and funds to be allocated for the promotion of the brand. Initially, the new brand will use selective distribution to sell its products to wholesalers and retail outlets and coffee shops in London Area. The reason for choosing this approach is due to the company’s unique selling proposition which needs to be tested out in one major region of UK tea market. Once the company gain experiences from this market then it will engage in intensive distribution throughout UK. e.Price There are various pricing strategies that may be considered when introducing a new brand in the market. Based on the characteristics of the UK tea market it is obvious that the new brand has to face tough landscape in terms of the intense competition between existing prices and their ability to produce and market tea at lower profit margins. According to BBC, the price of tea is rising due to the increase in demand for tea (Twining). Therefore, the company can adjust its pricing strategy according to the expected demand for its different types of herbal and specialized teas.

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American cancer Society and the General Motors Company Problem Essay

American cancer Society and the General Motors Company Problem Analysis - Essay Example American Cancer Society Founded way back in 1913 by a group of 13 doctors and business personalities in New York, The American Cancer Society (ACS) has developed from a small business venture to the much-celebrated organization it is today. The main role of ACS is cancer management under which it knuckles down on cancer prevention and reducing the rates of death caused by cancer. Supplementary to that, the organization further concentrates on providing education to the public on cancer as a whole. Donors majorly fund the American Cancer Society. The World Bank as well as various support groups grants a larger portion of the society’s funds to them. The society receives funds from the services that they offer to the cancer patients (Epstein, 2011). Being a non-profit organization that it is, the organization appears to be unblemished and faultless. However, the society faces a variety of challenges. In the year 2005, there were about 1.37 Million newly registered cases of cance r. The society saw this as an opportunity to make returns out of the cancer patients instead of giving them hope for a better tomorrow. ACS faces allegations citing that it tried to come up with conventional medication techniques of treating cancer instead of focusing on prevention, given that prevention is better than cure. The society has majorly tried to make money out of the large number of cancer patients (Epstein, 2011). The American Cancer Society faces allegations of discrediting potential healthy ways of fighting cancer as proposed by various cancer research experts. The organization has always been in preference of both chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which though are approved mechanisms of fighting cancer, always are largely unhealthy, and end up killing the cancer patient even before killing the cancer cells (Epstein, 2011). To curb the range of problems that are facing the society, ACS is supposed to restructure its leadership. The entire overhaul should hinge on the ide ology that prevention is the best medicine. ACS should in fact focus on supporting educational programs that enlighten the people on how to go about cancer. Just like both HIV/AIDS, and drug and substance abuse, teachers ought to teach cancer education ought from the junior level schools. In like manner, the society should fully embrace research. The society should support cancer research works across various research institutes and all universities. The society should also encourage the population on practicing healthy lifestyles. Doctors argue that the body under the appropriate situations can be its own doctor. The organization put out good words to the public regarding the food types that one should take heed of, that is, the males who suffer from lung and prostate cancer should avoid smoking tobacco and taking too much alcohol. The same goes out to liver cancer patients (Epstein, 2011). The American Cancer Society should employ gene therapy rather than chemotherapy and radiothe rapy. Gene therapy is the practice of cancer control in the genes that cause cancer. Preventive mechanisms are fruitful in controlling disasters as compared to administering treatment. General Motors Formed in September of 1908, General Motors (GM) is among the best automobile firms in the World. It is now a multinational company with its headquarters situated at Detroit, Michigan. The company enjoys 37 branches around the world manufacturing eleven different brands including GMC, Chevrolet, Buick, Isuzu, Vauxhall, Wuling, Baojun, Jie Fang, Cadillac, Holden, and Opel. General Motors is the leading automaker worldwide (Gall, 2011). Despite the success associated with General Motors, the company experiences many challenges that affect the running