Monday, September 16, 2019

Child and Young Person Development Essay

†¢Schools/starting nursery is a part of everyday life the child/ young person will have to make this transition many times in their life. The transition that most children/ young people experience is moving from one school or care setting to another will happen a number of times over a child’s life for many different reasons and the challenges of the transition will change each time and will have to be handled in different way. †¢Toilet training is a big step for most children/ young people as they have to learn to read their own body signals and to understand what they should do at this point. †¢Sibling. It is common for children to have younger brothers and sister and they will have to learn to deal with the transition of having a baby in the house. †¢A parent starting a new job or doing more hours at work so the parent is not around when the child expects them to be or may not understand where the parent is going. †¢Moving house to accommodate a growing family or due to parent separation/ loss there are many other reason to move house also all of which with effect the transition progress of the child differently †¢ Separations/ divorce can be very difficult on children and young people of all ages as it can lead to many other transitions that take place moving house changing schools feeling of loss and confusion all of which can be very difficult for a young person to understand and cope with. †¢Puberty can be very difficult for some young people to cope with the mood swings, confident issues or low self -esteem, how the body changes, how it can affect their relationships with others and how others may see them. Children and young people mostly learn to cope with a number of different changes or transition in their life time and they will develop their own ways of dealing with the transitions, children and young people will still need to helped and guided

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