Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Eliminating Human Resource Problems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Eliminating Human Resource Problems - Essay Example Altogether, these led to lower level of production and product quality. The problems stated above indicates greater core concerns which should be looked into. These are not the real problems but merely symptoms of the company's failure to establish an organizational structure suited to its human resource. These problems can be attributed to the grievance and dissatisfaction of the workforce as their needs remained unmet. I have come up with four recommendations which you can do in order to enhance employee morale and product quality in your department: employee empowerment, more open communications, motivational tools, and employee evaluation. 1. Employee Empowerment. The traditional approach of leaving decisions to the managers is now considered obsolete. I strongly believe that this is not working in your department. I believe that employees should be given the chance the chance to participate. It has been demonstrated that giving employees the chance to participate in the decision making of business organisations directly and significantly contributes to their job satisfaction. As human beings, employees have this innate desire to enhance their self worth. Without their participation and involvement, employees are left with the feeling that they are no more than the equipment that the company uses.

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