Friday, October 4, 2019

Structures of International Governance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Structures of International Governance - Essay Example Globalisation is simply spreading of particular philosophies, ideas, technology and governance all over the world. All countries become one unit and they are all governed by the same set of rules. The concept of international governance came in to fight poverty, war among countries, environmental degradation and to set up equal opportunities for everyone in all countries. The call to fight particular deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS and cancer has made many countries to come together to ensure that a cure is established to save lives. One of the major works of international governance is in the protection of the environment and its resources. The pollution rates have become very rampant and they are now posing as a risk to human life thus there has been a great need for all countries to form regulations as to how they are going to prevent further pollution and preserve the environment and resources for the future generation. For this reason many organisations have been set up to see if the countries are implementing some of the rules and regulations of conserving the environment. For instance the United Nations Environmental Programme and the World Environmental Organisation (WEO) are organisations set to ensure that the respective countries that sign the treaty to preserve the environment are implementing the changes. Such organisations are entitled in doing research to tell which countries have succeeded in implementing the changes, the shortcomings of the implementations and where the strategies are proving to be difficult. From such researches they are able to see if the implementation is worthwhile or not. Moreover, the organisations can assist countries that have problems in implementing the changes by lending them money to fund the projects by buying the respective machines and educating its general public on environmental issues (Barbara, 2002). When countries come together to set environmental laws, they put the interest of the people first. The

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