Sunday, October 6, 2019

Media Relations Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 6

Media Relations - Assignment Example In the letter, the administration assures them that it does everything in its power to ensure that the well being, security and safety of all the children in Horace Mann are a top priority (Horace Mann school website, 2012). After the publishing of the article, the school should distant itself from the previous administration, by clarifying that it is now under new administration. Arguing that the current society has changed with sexual talk and sex education between parents and children. This makes the children aware of the wrong kind of touch and would report if they experienced any. Even Amos Kamil recognized that the atrocities that happened during his days cannot happen in the current time because of the transparency that exists in society (Kamil, 2012). The Horace Mann administration should emphasize that the writer himself was not abused and that most of the alumni were not either, but the few who were abused makes it unfortunate. It should, therefore, address all the parents and assure them that such an incidence will never happen again to their children and that they are in safe hands (Ridgway,

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