Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Growth of Golf in Foreign Market ( china or Eastern Europ) Essay

Growth of Golf in Foreign Market ( china or Eastern Europ) - Essay Example Qualitative research is a process that includes interpretative paradigm under the measures of theoretical assumptions and the entire approach is based on sustainability that is depended on people's experience in terms of communication. The basic advantages of qualitative measures are multifold. Firstly, it presents a completely realistic approach that the statistical analysis and numerical data used in research based on quantitative research cannot provide. Another advantage of qualitative measures is that it is more flexible in nature in terms of collected information interpretation, subsequent analysis and data collection. It also presents a holistic point of view of the investigation. Furthermore this approach of research allows the subjects to be comfortable thus be more accurate as research is carried on in accordance to the subject's own terms. (Dos, 84-85) Thus the most important objective of the interviews regarding this feasibility report concerning the professional golf league would be building an impact regarding the profitability of this league for the stakeholder. (Cunningham, 24-5) For this important names from the field of administration and the game should be included.

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