Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Special Forces Responses to the New Type of Warfare Essay

Special Forces Responses to the New Type of Warfare - Essay Example Despite the fact that the US is affected by the new type of warfare much like other countries, the OCONUS area also presents a challenge for the Special Force in the sense that the UCP stipulation asserts that there is need for the Force to have an effective presence in this region if the new type of warfare is to be handled properly. For many years, the Special Force has had a presence in the OCONUS area but with a focus to protect the US. This has been reflected clearly in the UCP stipulation that limits the ability of the special forces to carry out activities that are created to prevent emerging threats and form strong relationships with foreign militaries that can help combat the new type warfare. This fact clearly shows that the Special Force needs to change tactics in order to operate effectively (Dinter Jr, 2001).The 9/11 attack brought about a change in consideration of terrorism from just a criminal attack to a new type of warfare on a worldwide level. Another issue of conc ern in the 21st century as a form of new warfare is resource characterized as economic-warfare. Such issues require the Special Force to change its tactics to deal with the new type warfare, which encompasses different issues as shown in this paper. For a long time, the Special Force has used a military strategy to infiltrate into hostile land, sea and or air to conduct a variety of operations, many of them classified to them. Most of the operations carried out by the Special Force are determined to tackle terrorism.

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