Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Thomas Struths Expedition reveal about Photography Essay

Thomas Struths Expedition reveal about Photography - Essay Example The essay "Thomas Struth’s Expedition reveal about Photography" talks about Expedition about Photography by Thomas Struth. The artist presents in a landscape format or as portraits to highlight different themes as thought out most of these photographs. The photography according to Thomas Struth attempts to answer questions about self as seen by the audience. It is worth noting that the photography by Thomas Struth is mainly landscapes that are shown in different compositions, color and detail. However, an important part of the photography that has been exercised by the contemporary photographers is the use of portraits that also form a big part of photography collections found in galleries. Additionally, the photography by Thomas Struth is sincerely portrayed in that the artist attempts to bring out true life situations that make the audience trust the message in the portraits. The portraits are brought out in a natural way that brings about the true relationship between form and content, which makes it possible to identify with the photographer. Once a person comes into contact with the portraits captured by Thomas Struth, for instance the Giles Robertson, Edinburgh 1987, there is a communication bond that is created between the audience and the photograph, whereby the audience would be asking itself what the photograph represents in a continuous dialogue. This shows that the images in the portraits actively show that Thomas Struth prioritizes the perception of his audience.

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