Monday, August 26, 2019

Reflection paper for a dance class (2 pages) about a movie dance take Essay

Reflection paper for a dance class (2 pages) about a movie dance take the land - Essay Example The story is all about believing, about deciding to make a difference, and about creating a sense of creativeness. It is about struggling against indifferences and giving rise to recognition of innate talents and capabilities. Pierre confronted the criticisms of the school director, the students, and their parents, but he had decided to make a difference, which he did. The story teaches us the importance of determination, commitment and perseverance. We come to know that we can achieve anything in life if we have strong will power and confidence to bring a change. Pierre speaks of his determination in this dialogue with Rock- the boy who vandalized his school director’s car: Another precious lesson I have learned from the movie is that students tend to develop a feeling of trust with teachers when the latter provide them with a healthy atmosphere. Pierre faced sheer conflict with his students initially, like when he said, â€Å"What if I said these dances would make you look cool?† To this Rock said, â€Å"Id say youre full of shit.† But finally, the same students got to love him. A trust worthy relationship between the teacher and his students leads to better performance outcomes. The teacher-student relationship is as important as the relationship between the parents and their kids. Teachers are spiritual parents, and it is their obligation to provide the students with all the trust they need to grow up into happy and healthy citizens. This trusting relationship helps the students to cross the barrier and be friends with their teachers. For example: This dialogue shows how Pierre tried to bring out self-confidence in his students through interacting with them one-on-one. This is how the movie cultivates new insights to the profession of teaching- that is, interacting with the students one-on-one to bring out the

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