Friday, August 23, 2019

American cancer Society and the General Motors Company Problem Essay

American cancer Society and the General Motors Company Problem Analysis - Essay Example American Cancer Society Founded way back in 1913 by a group of 13 doctors and business personalities in New York, The American Cancer Society (ACS) has developed from a small business venture to the much-celebrated organization it is today. The main role of ACS is cancer management under which it knuckles down on cancer prevention and reducing the rates of death caused by cancer. Supplementary to that, the organization further concentrates on providing education to the public on cancer as a whole. Donors majorly fund the American Cancer Society. The World Bank as well as various support groups grants a larger portion of the society’s funds to them. The society receives funds from the services that they offer to the cancer patients (Epstein, 2011). Being a non-profit organization that it is, the organization appears to be unblemished and faultless. However, the society faces a variety of challenges. In the year 2005, there were about 1.37 Million newly registered cases of cance r. The society saw this as an opportunity to make returns out of the cancer patients instead of giving them hope for a better tomorrow. ACS faces allegations citing that it tried to come up with conventional medication techniques of treating cancer instead of focusing on prevention, given that prevention is better than cure. The society has majorly tried to make money out of the large number of cancer patients (Epstein, 2011). The American Cancer Society faces allegations of discrediting potential healthy ways of fighting cancer as proposed by various cancer research experts. The organization has always been in preference of both chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which though are approved mechanisms of fighting cancer, always are largely unhealthy, and end up killing the cancer patient even before killing the cancer cells (Epstein, 2011). To curb the range of problems that are facing the society, ACS is supposed to restructure its leadership. The entire overhaul should hinge on the ide ology that prevention is the best medicine. ACS should in fact focus on supporting educational programs that enlighten the people on how to go about cancer. Just like both HIV/AIDS, and drug and substance abuse, teachers ought to teach cancer education ought from the junior level schools. In like manner, the society should fully embrace research. The society should support cancer research works across various research institutes and all universities. The society should also encourage the population on practicing healthy lifestyles. Doctors argue that the body under the appropriate situations can be its own doctor. The organization put out good words to the public regarding the food types that one should take heed of, that is, the males who suffer from lung and prostate cancer should avoid smoking tobacco and taking too much alcohol. The same goes out to liver cancer patients (Epstein, 2011). The American Cancer Society should employ gene therapy rather than chemotherapy and radiothe rapy. Gene therapy is the practice of cancer control in the genes that cause cancer. Preventive mechanisms are fruitful in controlling disasters as compared to administering treatment. General Motors Formed in September of 1908, General Motors (GM) is among the best automobile firms in the World. It is now a multinational company with its headquarters situated at Detroit, Michigan. The company enjoys 37 branches around the world manufacturing eleven different brands including GMC, Chevrolet, Buick, Isuzu, Vauxhall, Wuling, Baojun, Jie Fang, Cadillac, Holden, and Opel. General Motors is the leading automaker worldwide (Gall, 2011). Despite the success associated with General Motors, the company experiences many challenges that affect the running

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