Saturday, February 8, 2020

Pre-modernism and visuals from Harry Potter Research Paper

Pre-modernism and visuals from Harry Potter - Research Paper Example The essay "Premodernism - Epic Harry Potter Tribute" analyzes video "Epic Harry Potter Tribute" in the context of postmodernism. The video is created by Barney Barnicle. It starts with the depiction of the Diagon Alley with all its magic – plenty of wizards, owls and all the atmosphere. Then all fades out to show the Great Hall just after. There are many candles in the air that shed light on the multitude of magicians sitting; it is the first time Harry and his friends are in Hogwarts. Then other locations, the corridor and the Gringotts bank inside – its hidden hall, located deeply under the ground with its great poster and famous statues. Transformed heroes meet bad people, including Dolores Ambridge. The next shot show the joint photo of the members of Order of Phoenix; it provides closer view to show Harry’s parents and his godfather Sirius Blake, Remus Lupin and the betrayer Peter Pettigrew. Further the viewer may see the gathering of the Dumbledore’s Army – which is a kind of direct consequence from the Order of Phoenix. First we see the leaders, Harry is in the middle, of course. Then there are other people shown; Cho Chang is in the focus of attention – she was the first love of Harry Potter. Then we see Tom Riddle’s appearance – and his Voldemort attraction. The diary, bright artifact of the second film about the Chamber of Secrets is shown with the first message from Tom Riddle to Harry Potter. After that we see horcruxes and the voice speaks about their importance.

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