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Focused Preschool Observation Essays - Child Development, Learning

Focused Preschool Observation Essays - Child Development, Learning Focused Preschool Observation Part 1 Child A lives with both her dad and mom. She is an only child. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is very energetic and happy. She is three years old and will be four in October. She does very well in her classroom and seems to mind her teachers for the most part. She carries around one of her moms night gowns for comfort. She eats very well. She ate most of the food on her plate and kept to herself while she was eating. She loves to read to her class and interact with her friends. Part 2 I observed at Parkway Child Care in Sevierville. The daycare is fairly big. There are two teachers present. The main teacher and the assistant teacher are both present. They were great with the children. You could tell they were very patient, passionate, and understanding with the children. They helped aid in the childrens education as well as showing love and nurture. When I walked in the children were sitting in front of the television watching a movie and eating popcorn. It was on a Friday so the children were very anxious and hyper. When their movie went off they went to the gym and played with all of the toys in the gym and ran around. After they played in the gym they went to the bathroom and washed their hands for lunch. Next they went to the lunch room and ate chicken and rice, carrots, and pineapples. Finally they went on back to their classroom to get ready for nap. They read books while their teachers got all of their mats together and laid down and read before nap. The cl assroom was average size with many toys that promote the three domains of development. Part 3 Focused Preschooler Observation Observers Name: Kayla Cardwell Date(s) of Observation: 04-10-15 Name, gender and exact age of Infant: Sydney, Female, 3 years and 6 months Time observation(s) began: 10:30 Time observation(s) ended: 1:30 Setting: Include the following questions/answers in the focused observation report. Attach this sheet and any other notes to the observation. a.1.Describe the gross and fine motor development of the preschooler. What was the preschooler doing to demonstrate this development? What did the teacher do to stimulate movement? The child rolled, threw, and caught a ball. The teacher played with the ball with the child. a.2.Describe the symbolic play (pretend play) in which the child engaged. What objects were used? Were other children involved? The child used her stuffed mouse and used pretend play with the mouse. No other children were involved. a.3.Describe if this child chose to play with same sex children, opposite sex children, or both sexes equally. Did the preschool child engage in non-stereotyped play? Describe completely. The child played with both sexes easily. The child did not seem to mind who she played with. a.4.What behaviors did the preschooler show that demonstrated growing mental (cognitive) development? What did the teacher do to stimulate these behaviors? The child found her paper shoe attached to the floor with her name on it when it was time to exit the classroom. The teacher encouraged the children to find the right shoe. a.5.Describe any teacher actions that support language and literacy development. The teacher pointed out certain things on the movie they were watching and encouraged the children to say what they saw. a.6.What behaviors did the child exhibit that showed their developmental level according to Eriksons stages of development? How did the child show initiative? The child got along with friends and teachers, loves make-believe play, used motor skills, and very ambitious. The child shows initiative by wanting to try new things and activities. Developmental Milestones Checklist Preschool: Three Years Dates of Observation: Age(in years and months): List one example for items checked Yes or Emerging. Physical/Motor Development TaskYesNoEmergingExample Swings arms when walkingX Jumps with both feetX Rides three-wheeled toysX Walks on a balance beam or line (wide low beam or curved or straight line on the floor)XPlastic balance beam in gym Balances or hops on one foot brieflyX Climbs a small slide and slides down without assistanceXClimbs up hill outside then goes down slide Throws a ball or other object overhandX Bounces a ball and catches itX Runs consistently without fallingX Builds and stacks with several small blocks XMostly with legos Pounds pegs with mallet Copies and draws simple shapesX Practices zipping, snapping, fastening, and

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